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Driving School
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We only incIude genuine comments on our website...

'I came across Steve on Google and it was a great find! Steve was always calm and patient and is definitely one of those instructors who doesn't make you feel anxious or on edge. One thing in particular that I felt really helped me was when I made a mistake, Steve would ask me a question that made me think about what I did and gave me the chance to see if knew what I should have done instead of having a go. 
If you are looking to have lessons with a great instructor, lessons which you will enjoy, laugh and learn a lot, I honestly would recommend Steve to anyone looking to pass their test.'
Nikhil - December 2016
    Steve is a great driving instructor, he was always very patience and calm when I was learning to drive. I passed my test first time at wanstead test center and couldn't have done it without Steve. I recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive for the first time as he makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you so much for helping me pass and all the best for the future. 
    Isla - September 2016

    "After some stop start lessons with unreliable instructors and an intensive course with a very poorly managed school, luckily I found success with Steve at Turning Point. His punctuality, communication skills and flexibility are qualities which a student should rightly expect but will not often find in other instructors. I passed 2nd time but I think I can get away with saying I passed 1st time . . . with Steve!"
    Jamie - July 2016

    For the first few lessons I struggled to get to grips with the basics of driving, however Steve was incredibly helpful and explained to me how the car works and took it slow with me. I felt this approach was critical for my driving experience and from the first lesson I knew Steve would be an exceptional instructor and teacher. I wasn't at all the best driver but Steve adapted to my needs and he helped me to comfortably overcome any challenges I faced. Steve has an very warm and welcoming personality, which made my lessons fly by with him and allowed them to be rather enjoyable. I did not pass my first test which had a strong impact on my confidence, however Steve knew how to react to this knock and in no time I was back at my best and I pasted on my second try. I cannot thank him enough for the experience he has provided me with I will certainly be recommending him to all my friends.
    Andreas - May 2016

    Steve was recommended to me and I started learning with him in October 2015, just after my 17th birthday.  I found him to be a very good teacher since not only was he patient, supportive and explained everything clearly, he gave me lots of useful tips which I will always remember.  He was not afraid to correct my mistakes but it never knocked my confidence since it was given in a constructive and positive way.  He also told me when I did something well which boosted my confidence further and he always told me I could do it and didn’t doubt me once.  Steve was always punctual and flexible around my busy schedule and always tried to fit me in when he could.  He had lots of funny stories to tell and I always looked forward to my lessons with him.  I was so pleased to pass first time and I put this down to Steve’s excellent teaching and I recommend him whole-heartedly.  

    Esther -  April 2016

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to drive with Steve. Having had some lessons at the age of 17, I felt that it was not the right time for me. However, two years later I was confident that returning to Steve would be the best option, and I've been proved right! He has been fully encouraging, calm, and easy to learn from. I would recommend him to anyone. 
    Matt - October 2015

    "My overall experience with Turning Point was very good. Steve was great at keeping me calm under pressured situations which allowed me to focus on the driving itself, he would also explain everything which helped me understand the importance of doing so. He was friendly and easy to talk to, which made the whole experience more enjoyable. I would honestly recommend Steve to every learner driver. Thanks Steve."
    Omar - July 2015

    Steve from Turning Point Driving School was recommended to me and I would thoroughly recommend him myself. I first failed my test about 6 years ago and never thought I would ever actually obtain my full licence due to lack of confidence and test nerves. I started lessons with Steve last year and he was very patient, encouraging and supportive, and helped me gain the skills and confidence I needed to pass the test. My lessons were well thought out and focussed on things I needed practice with. So a huge thanks Steve!
    Laura - July 2015

     want to say a HUGE thank you to you Steve. I never in million years thought that I would pass my driving test and be on the road!
    I started driving at 17, but promptly gave up when I failed my test 3 times. 14 years later... I decided that I needed to give another go. My husband gave me the push I needed and booked Steve. Our lessons were always eventful....(fireworks, film crews to name a few incidents!) I can't say that I found driving easy and unquestionably lacked confidence in every aspect. But Steve was always patient and helped me through the dark moments! Steve persevered and over months I began to believe that I might be able to do it.
    I'm so over moon that on my first attempt with Steve (my 4th test) I passed with only 2 minors. I still keep pinching myself that I've done it! I just wish that I'd met Steve all those years ago. I could not have done it without you. Once again, thank you Steve! Louise.
    Once I'm back from my holiday I will get back in touch and book some motorway lessons. 
    Louise - June 2015

    At first, I was nervous about driving, but Steve was patient and supportive, enabling me to become more comfortable behind the wheel. Whilst he would tell me what I did wrong, he would also inform me of what I did right. Before every lesson, he would explain the details of the lesson clearly to me and he was fully flexible too, often picking me up for a lesson at the local charity shop where I volunteer instead of arriving at my house.

    After unfortunately failing my test twice, I was understandably upset and wasn't looking forward to driving at all afterwards; However Steve was fully encouraging and because of his help, I passed the next time around! Thank-you so much Steve!!

    Joanna - May 2015

    Only needed about 7 lessons to pass with Steve as not only is he a really good teacher, he gives good advice, constructive criticism and is very friendly. Helped me massively and I highly recommend him to anyone, from a learner to someone brushing up on their driving. Had a really good experience with him. Like I said I passed by only doing 7 lessons with Steve so if you're looking to do any lessons, I strongly recommend you choose Turning Point!

    Louis - May 2015

    I couldn't recommend Steve Hyde more as a driving instructor, after the very reasonable 10 hour block paid upfront i passed my test first time due to the knowledge, confidence and practical skills that Steve had taught me. i have already passed on his number to everyone i know without a full licence and will continue to do so. 
    Thank you very much Steve
    Josh, Forest Gate - February 2015

    I was recommended Turning Point and Steve by a friend of mine.  I can honestly say that Steve has been a brilliant instructor. Not only is he calm and patient, but also has the ability to explain everything clearly. If I made a mistake, he would always ask what I think I did wrong, and I feel this really helped the learning process. Every lesson was very enjoyable, and I passed 2nd time. I would not hesitate to recommend Turning Point to anyone who wants to learn to drive. If I had to learn again, I would most certainly choose Turning Point.

    Emma - December 2014


    Steve's driving lessons gave me a firm grounding in the art of driving, not only were they informative but also enjoyable. Steve as a teacher was calm and concise enabling an efficient learning atmosphere where I wasn't Taught just to pass a test, but to actually drive. Thanks to Turning point I passed first time and would fully recommend him to anyone.

    Ellis - October 2014

    For me, learning to drive was an emotional rollercoaster. I was very nervous and apprehensive to start driving; however Steve put me at ease as soon as I met him. My intentions were to pass my test as quickly as possible and I had put myself under so much pressure that I was often all over the place. Due to this, all my lessons were like counselling sessions with Steve, after every lesson I always felt a thousand times better and I knew I had made progress with my driving. I passed third time with 6 minors as I finally managed to control my nerves! Steve was very understanding and patient with me, and was accommodative to my emotions and intentions. He always helped me to recognise and overcome my weaknesses. I was recommended Steve and if I could choose my instructor again, I would choose him every single time. He taught me everything I could possibly need to know for my test in such a short amount of time. The lessons always start on time, at your pace, and they're affordable! Steve is a wonderful man and a brilliant instructor. It was a pleasure to be taught by him, you’d be a fool not to choose him as your instructor. Thank you so much Steve :)

    Penny - November 2014

    The testimonials were the thing that swung it for me when I picked you, including the fact you were in Woodford, plus I thought that 'for the turning point in your life' bit was really nice. 

    Being generally an uncoordinated and nervous person, I somehow convinced myself I would never be able to drive because 'I just didn't have it in me', or 'I wasn't a natural driver'. However, Steve was patient, reassuring and his experience helped me become so much more confident and aware of what it takes to be a good driver. His main priority is always the learner. He quickly identified my weaknesses and ironed them out, he was very understanding of the real life issues that crop up now and then, and generally was just a really good teacher and nice person. I passed with only 2 minors!! Not only that but I feel a really confident and safe driver, and really enjoy driving now, something I thought would never happen!
    I'm so happy to recommend Steve, and already have started doing so to my friends, telling them there is no such thing as a people who aren't natural drivers, so much as people who just haven't found the right instructor yet.
    Thanks again Steve, you really made my... month? :)
    Anamika - September 2014


    Steve is a great instructor who was very calm and relaxed instructor. Every time I went to a lesson I knew that it would be pleasant lesson whilst at the same time of gaining the necessary skills to pass the test. I wouldrecommend, people who wish to pass their driving test as soon as possible have lessons Steve as he is a great instructorWhenever I wasn’t available to do certain hours, he was flexible and would find a way to fit me in that week. After the first set of lessons he began to focus on my weak points, consistently giving me techniques and ways to perfect my manoeuvres, which meant that I passed my test first time.

    Raphael - June 2014

    When I first learnt to drive I was really nervous about getting started. Steve was very calm and friendly and the lessons moved forward at my own pace without me feeling rushed. As frustrated as i often got, Steve was very patient and helped me improve in the areas which i struggled with most. I've now passed my driving test and owe it all to Steve.! I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you
    Amy Wilson - September 2012


    I still can't believe I passed the test with 4 minors on the first attempt! I couldn't have done this without you, I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into my learning. I really enjoyed the whole process with you, you were so patient, gentle, nice and supportive, you always knew what my weaknesses were and worked on them with me. I think we had been to most of the test roads before the test, that did help a lot. I remember you explained to me in detail how to get out and get back into the test center, because the entrance/exit is badly marked. I would make mistakes for sure if you didn't explain.
    I think choosing you as my instructor was one of the greatest decisions I have made. I don't know what else I can say to you besides "Thank you", I will definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you very much, again.
    Susie Xing - October 2012


    When I started taking driving lessons I was both worried about London traffic and driving on the left.  Steve gave me the confidence of tackling each road and traffic condition at my own pace. He always had an encouraging word when I was frustrated and had various techniques to overcome any difficulties. He even helped my partner to take up driving again who had not been driving for 7 years. Thanks to Steve I passed my test quickly and we both feel confident and safe drivers.

    Eva Lambertz - October 2012


    I started my driving lessons two years ago with a different instructor and thought I'd never grasp it. I stopped my lessons for years then started again with Steve and recently passed my test. Steve is so calm and understanding when things got frustrating or when I couldn't do certain things. He taught me at my pace and never tried to rush through anything. He's a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him to everyone! Thanks so much!

    Jessica Williams - July 2012


    I had failed two tests over years before getting in touch with Steve to become my driver instructor so wasn’t at all confident. What I quickly realised is that Steve is very knowledgeable when it comes to driving and is very in tune with what you need as an individual. Steve taught me how to be confident/ less anxious and drive in a way that went beyond just passing your test. I would like to thank Steve for all his hard work and feel that for the service he provides he could charge a lot more. Steve is a true legend! Thanks

    Cassey, South Woodford- July 2012


    “Steve Hyde at Turning Point Driving School taught me to drive in a way that suited my learning style. Friendly, patient, and open to suggestions - the driving experience was fun as well as thorough. The feedback and discussion after each lesson let us work together to improve on any areas of my driving that were lacking. From the basic lessons to the final mock tests, Steve made sure that I was comfortable and confident at all times which allowed me to face my driving test without being nervous and I passed first time. I have already been recommending him to people looking for a great instructor. Thanks!”

    Rob, South Woodford, October - 2011

    "I never thought that at 17yrs old I would pass my driving test first time after taking lessons with you for a short while. When I first started taking lessons in February, the thought of passing my test seemed so far away, let alone passing in August, but thanks to your hard work, patience and guidance I did just that, pass with flying colours. I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again and to let you know that I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that may need a driving instructor."

    Amy, Buckhurst Hill - August 2011

     'Learning with Turning point and Steve, has been a relaxed and enjoyable experience, the lessons were friendly and informative as well as fun. With Steve I was able to pick up skills quickly and perform them to a high standard. I was able to reach test standard in a good amount of time. Steve got me through my test first time and
    would 100% recommend him to anyone in thinking or in the process of learning how to drive!'

    Ella, Woodford - July 2011

     ' All too often you hear of driving instructors being miserable old men who shout at you, and either take you on busy roads in your first lesson, or never take you out of the side roads at all ! This is not the case with Steve Hyde at Turning Point. Steve is so encouraging and helpful, monitoring your progress to see when your ready to move on in your learning, as well as asking you what you would like to do, keeping the experience both safe and enjoyable. For most of my life ive been looking forward to driving, and learning with Steve strengthened that. The lessons were great as they were cheaper than most of my mates, booked to times convenient to me, and there was none of that driving to the next persons house rubbish, it began at my door, and ended at my door. If you want an instructor thats affordable, friendly, helpful but still of the highest quality, Steves your man, you will be driving in no time !'
    George, Wanstead - July 2011
     I took my lessons with Steve at Turning Point Driving School and had a great experience. Not only he knows a lot about what he is doing, but he is also excellent in transmiting that knowledge to the student. Steve is very calm and patient, and doesn't teach you only so you can pass your exam, but so you really become a good and confident driver. He takes his time to make sure you are really learning and does not look at the clock during the lessons. Good fun and a great person, I recommend him to everybody. Thank you very much, Steve.

    Julieta, Woodford October - 2011.

    The daunting journey to becoming a fully qualified driver was made far less initimidating when I turned to the Turning Point Driving School. Steve Hyde is a great instructor who is always carm and patient. He taught me as an individual and tailored our lessons to how I learn. I would strongly recommend Turning Point Driving School to anyone wishing to learn how to drive.

    Henry, Leytonstone - May 2011

    'I was quite suprised by how fast I learnt to drive and how safe I felt behind the wheel. This is all to thank Mr Steve Hyde. A very carm, easy-going and determined instructor who always wants to get the best ability out of his clients. Due to his carm approach, I felt very comfortable and relaxed in lessons and didnt worry about making any mistakes.

    If you learners want a quick and easy way to pass your test, I would highly recommend Turning Point Driving School. They are very welcoming and provide a very calm approach which will make your experience worth while.'

    Modestas, Woodford Green 



    'I have been learning with Steve for about 6 months before I passed my test recently. I have been through a few instructors and for me Steve was the only one which offered me the right level of teaching and care. I always found that other companies lacked the personal touch - when it came to lesson times, lesson plans and what they teach they never focused on what I personally needed. In this respect Steve always delivered.By concentrating on my weak points in a patient and consistent way, I passed with only two minors and feel confident on the road. That and I had a good time every lesson. All I can say is that Turning Point is highly recommended and many thanks to Steve for all his support throughout this long journey.'

    Ken, E11


    My experience:

    I’m overwhelmed that I decided to take my driving lessons with Turning Point. Steve was a great instructor who would always ensure that you had a pleasant and enjoyable lesson at the same time of learning the key skill you need for driving. I had several lessons at an exceptional price as I was a student, only £18 per hour. It was definitely worth the money, and on the day of my driving test, Turning Point didn’t over charge for the test and car use which many driving schools do, just charged for the time you had the car. I would definitely recommend and have recommended to many people of all ages to have lessons with Turning Point driving school. I couldn’t fault it in any way possible, extremely flexible with hours, never late for lessons, very reliable and helps you every step of the way. Absolutely Fantastic!

    Leyla, Woodford Green - March 2011