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Turning Point

Driving School
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Helping You Achieve
At Turning Point we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a driver. Here are some of the ways we will help and support you:

What we do

How it helps you achieve

We have selected a vehicle that makes learning to drive easier, more accessible and enjoyable.

Allows you to get the most out of your lessons without being restricted or hindered by problems such as poor visibility, difficult to use controls or poor manoeuvrability.

Follow the DSA approved syllabus.

Provide you with a thorough, structured approach which will optimise your understanding of the requirements needed to pass the test as well as making you a safe, responsible driver for life.

Tailor lessons to suit your skill level and ability.

This will develop your confidence level and provide you with enough of a challenge so you progress steadily.

Use DSA recommended assessment materials (Driver's Record).

Keeps you informed of your progress and lets you know what you still need to do.

Follow this link to see this document:

Provide a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere during lessons.This will ensure you get the most out of your lesson, feel safe and confident and most of all, achieve your goal of learning to drive.

Provide 'Pass Plus' training for when you have passed your test.

This will develop your skills as a driver, further improving your confidence and possibly reducing your insurance premiums.