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Got a Question?

How long will it take to pass my test?
How many lessons will I need?
How can I be sure I'm getting value for money?
What car will I be learning in?
Why should I use an instructor?
What is an ADI?
Why should I use an independent driving school/instructor?
What is 'Pass Plus' and why should I take it?

Q: How long will it take to pass my test?

A: The official DSA statistics for the amount of hours tuition to pass a driving test is 40 to 45 hours with an additional 20 hours of private practice. Of course this is a guideline figure and is in no way typical of every learner, but should be used as an estimate of time. At Turning Point, we are aware that each pupil will learn at a different rate; therefore we ensure the best possible tuition is given to enable each and every pupil to achieve the required results, at a pace that is suitable, yet challenging and manageable.

Q: How many lessons will I need?

A: Everyone learns at a different rate so there can be no definitive answer to this question. But since DSA offical statistics state the average is 40 to 45 hours, then if you take hourly lessons it will take 40 to 45 lessons (not including any private practice you take). You may decide to take 1 and a half or 2 hour lessons which will undoubtably accelerate your progress, if this is the case, you could be ready for your test quicker.

Q: How can I be sure I'm getting value for money?

A: Data from the DSA found the average hourly driving lesson to cost £20.50. With the maximum cost at £26.50. Turning Point charges £20 for an hourly lesson - this can be even less when lessons are bought in bundles or for students. We consider this to be a competative price that reflects the value of our service. Be cautious of schools charging 'too-good-to-be-true' low prices - ask yourself why they are so low. It may be because their service is sub-standard and poor quality.

Q: What is 'Pass Plus' and why should I take it?

A: 'Pass Plus' is a six-module training syllabus that has been developed by the DSA. It is aimed primarily at developing the skills and knowlege of young drivers in their first year of motoring. It has the support of the insurance industry with the aim of enabling successful applicants the benefit of receiving discount on insurance premiums which can equate to up to one years no claims bonus.

Q: What car will I be learning in?

Turning Point has chosen the Ford Fiesta Style Climate based on it's ease of use and suitablilty. It is compact, manouverable, easy to use and has good all round visibility. These attributes mean it will be a good car to get you started. Plus, dual controls mean you can be sure you are in a safe, controlled environment.

Q: What is an ADI?

A: ADI is Approved Driving Instructor; Trained to exacting DSA standards, having undergone thorough and comprehensive training with an advanced knowledge of theory, and a high level of driving ability and skill.

Q: Why should I use an instructor?

A: Some people ask a parent or an older family friend to teach them to drive. While this has it's advantages, an ADI has been trained specifically to use the DSA syllabus and will be able to apply a range of teaching techniques to suit the learner. They have up to date knowledge of what the driving test requirements are and have a range of resources availaible to support the learner. In addition, there are proposals that may lead to this kind of private tuition being made illegal.

Q: Why should I use an independent driving school/instructor?

A: Of course it is entirely up to each individual who they choose. Independent driving schools often rely on 'word-of-mouth' for their continuing business, this means they have to provide a good service so they can maintain their business. Many franchises provide a constant stream of pupils to their instructors, regardless of the instructors ability and success rate. Also, with franchises you may feel you have more peace of mind as you are with a well known organisation; but you may be unaware that many franchises use instructors who are still only on a trainee licence and have not yet qualified although this will not be reflected in the price of the lesson. At Turning Point you will be learning with a fully qualified ADI.